I love having a garden, it maybe small but I'm ever thankful to have an outdoor space to call our own. I've been focusing on making the garden ready for the summer months recently.  One of my favourite things has been transforming the area with magical lighting. This is great for not just making the patio area inviting but the whole garden a special place to enjoy together.

Below are some ideas of the types of lighting that you  may want to consider.

Fairy lights
Fairy lights tend to be the option most people think of when it comes to magical lighting. They are an affordable and versatile option which are great for hanging off trees, bushes, fences etc. We have a net style of one that we have on the back wall which really looks pretty in the evenings.

If you are planning on sitting outside in the evenings then outdoor candles and/or lanterns give a magical and flickering glow. You could even hang lanterns from trees or wall brackets.

Integrated lighting
Spotlights provide an ambient lighting that enhances any aspect of your garden. We have some in our front garden which adds a lovely touch to the space.

Solar lighting
Most of the lighting we have in our garden is solar powered lighting. I love that there is such a wide range of designs to choose from. We have some string light ones along our trellis as well as a variety of other styles that we've added to the patio area for decrotive purposes. You can even get stake style ones that can be stood up in grass or soil.  Most solar lights have timers or sensors so they automatically turn on when it gets dark and turn off again when the sun starts coming up.

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