Gazebos are a popular item to have in your garden during the summer months. They are a perfect addition to your garden, decking or patio area. This is because they create shade as well as being an additional area to chill out and relax. There are many options to choose from such as metal framed ones or even pop up ones. I'm sharing below some creative and inspiring ideas to make the most of your gazebo.


There are actually a few different lighting ideas to consider for making the most of your gazebo. Check out my post on magical garden lighting ideas as these ideas are also great for using on/in your gazebo too. 

Furniture and furnishings 

Seating is a must we have a rattan set but there are many different outdoor seating options to choose from. Tables if you have space is another piece of furniture that is really useful. As for furnishings you can add some colour with cushions, throws and outdoor rugs for example.


Dependant on the type of gazebo you go for you can use trailing plants that grow on or around the structure. Another option is using hanging planters with your favourite colourful flowers/plants. Adding vases/potted plants to tables inside your gazebo makes a great centre piece.  


Accessories can really make a difference to your gazebo. Garden ornaments are a fun addition to your gazebo. There are such a wide range of options to suit your style or taste. Windchimes and/or spinners are another way to brighten up your gazebo. Plus heating the chimes can be relaxing. 

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