Movie nights are definitely a fun family activity we enjoy. You don't neccessarily have to go to the theatre either as with time, a bit creativity and with little money you can create a movie night at home complete with snacks, popcorn and drinks. Even better is that during the warmer months you can create a movie night in the backyard rather than just in your living room.

With the convenience of streaming services it's so much easier to recreate a  theater experience at home. There are so many options of things to watch on streaming services my favourites to use are Netflix and Amazon Prime. 

In this post I'll be sharing ideas such as themed decor, movie night snacks and more for your family backyard movie night.

Creating the right space
To set the stage the first thing you will want to do is think about your outdoor space and where it's best to set up. In the UK weather is changeable to say the least and so for an outdoor movie night you may want to consider using a gazebo (with walls) or pergola to have protection from wind and rain. Pop up gazebos are a great option if you have limited space to have one up all the time. Blankets and cushions are a must for a comfortable outdoor movie night as is comfortable seating. For cooler evenings a fire pit or a Chimenia are great options for keeping cosy.


 If we are lucky to be blessed with gorgeous sunshine during the summer months we try and make the most of being outside. No matter what though sometimes there are days when it is just too stifling but you don't want to miss being outside. So that's why you need to come up with some ways to keep cool whilst in your garden. 


These options for keeping cool in your garden this summer depend on the space you have. We have a small yard so can only have a few of these however if you are blessed with a big garden than you can probably have all of these depending on your tastes.


Most of us don't have the space for a vegetable plot in our gardens. However that doesn't mean we can't enjoy the experience of home grown produce. Potatoes are great for growing in containers and ideal if you are short on space as they can be grown on balconies or on a patio. We've recently grown our own potatoes which have turned out brilliantly. 


Composting is an easy way to reduce waste and creates nutrient-rich soil for gardening. So it's great for the environment and also helps you to save money by reducing the amount of waste and also on buying store brought fertilisers. 

Composting is a natural process that breaks down organic material, such as food scraps and garden waste, into a dark, crumbly substance that can be used to improve soil quality and nourish plants. 

Composting is an easy way to reduce your environmental footprint making a healthier and more sustainable garden. Composting for beginners isn't as hard as some people and as long as you have the essential tools then you are good to go.


If you are wanting to start getting into gardening it can be a little bit overwhelming with where to begin. As a beginner the choice of tools and equipment can be confusing if you don't have a clue where to start and it also depends on the jobs you will be doing depending on your garden. An example is if you have faux grass your not going to need a lawn mower or edging sheers. I thought I'd help you out with a list of essential tools that every gardener needs.

Garden Gloves are essential for all seasons. They protect your hands especially from getting splinters and from thorns etc. Pruning and tidying plants is a frequent gardening job so a good quality pair of gloves that are multipurpose and suitable for all seasons is the best option. 


 It's not just BBQs that are popular this time of year. Although you can do a picnic any time of year they tend to be more popular and practical during the summer months. Although at the moment you wouldn't think it was summer, that's typical British weather for you though. All you need to do is bring your favourite food/drink and the following essentials and your sorted.