Our Home Plans For 2024

 It's almost five years since we got the keys to our house and it's flown by. We've done quite a bit to our house over the past almost five years. Such as getting a new front door, giving our front and back yards a make over, installing an outside tap, getting a new roof etc.

The main things we want to get done this year aren't going to be too expensive hopefully. There are of course snagging things that need doing such as paint touch ups and replacing a broken tile around our bath but I'm not including these in this post.

Decluttering is one of the major things that we want to do this year, especially in our attic. We definitely need to be getting rid of stuff that we don't use or need anymore.

Do something with the fireplace 

We've taken off the slate tiles the previous owner put on and have been trying to come up with something to do with it since. I think we are going to get some wood and cover it with paint or wallpaper to make it look nicer. Getting an electronic fire put in just wouldn't be useful to us as we wouldn't use it, plus not something we can afford to do right now. 

Painting dining room/upstairs landing 

We completed decorating the living room by the end of November and we just neeed to paint the dining room the same shade of grey we did the living room.

In regards to painting the upstairs landing it is likely we will need to get someone in to do it because of doing the tall wall above both sets of stairs.

Wardrobe door

Hopefully we can get new wardrobe doors this year. We have a built in wardrobe but the doors on them were in the way so we've got rid of them. Hopefully we will be able to get sliding doors or at least sort out a curtain to go across.

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