Now that 2023 is coming to a close I wanted to reflect on the updates we've made on our home this year. In 2024 it will be five years since we became homeowners and I've no idea where the time has gone. 

I'm looking forward to compling a list of things to do next year for our home. I don't think we will be doing lots as we've still got to pay off for the new roof. We won't be doing anything major that's for sure.

We've got a snagging list of little things we wanted to get done such as paint touch ups, filling in any little holes from where we no longer have photo frames etc. Not everything is done and I'm sure there will be more little things we want to sort next year to add to the list too. Anyway here are some of the more major jobs we've got round to doing/ have had done.

New front gate 
We've been without a front gate from pretty much when we moved in and took the old one off. It was dragging on the floor so was hard to open and close. This year Stuart decided to have a go at making one for us. I think it finishes off our front garden perfectly. 

Extractor fans 
We've had extractor fans installed in both the kitchen and bathroom. We are so glad that we've had this done as we didn't realise how much of a difference it would make for us.  If your home doesn't have them I'd definitely look into getting them fitted.

Internal wall Insulation 
We were eligible to have Internal wall insulation thanks to the home energy upgrade scheme. We had the walls in our living room, dining room and two bedrooms done. It's a very messy and intrusive job to have done however is so worth it in the long run. Our energy performance has now gone up from an E to a C.

New Roof/Gutters/Fascia 
We unfortunately had a leak after a bout of bad weather so we had to have our whole roof replaced. It was a pricey job to have done especially as the roofer noticed whilst doing the job that the gutters and fascia were in bad condition too. We got it done within good timing as a few days after it all was completed we had snow. The roof turned out to be the original roof which was about 100 years old so it definitely had lasted and needed to be done.

Decorating the living room
Our living room originally had dark purple wall paper, one dark purple wall and the rest of the walls light grey. We've now painted the walls a light grey along with the wallpaper pictured above. It's definitely made a difference to the room making it seem bigger as well as lighter and brighter. 

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