With the days shorter and temperatures plummeting before you cosy up there are some home maintenance projects to do. Honestly it's so important to do so as it will benefit you in the long run. In my winter home maintenance checklist you will find tasks that I recommend you really shouldn't put off doing.

Check your roof and attic

We are extremely grateful that we checked ours when we did as we had a leak which has resulted having to have the whole roof replaced along with the facias and guttering. It's definitely been a costly job which could've been alot worse if we hadn't checked. If you are lucky you may find that your roof is in great condition or that a simple fix is needed such as damaged or missing shingles that need replacing. If that is the case definitely get them sorted before further damage is made.

Clean out your gutters

Over the year your gutters will fill with leaves,  twigs, dirt and debris. This can cause them to clog and if left can cause water to overflow and damage to your walls if not dealt with. Other than getting to them your gutters are easy to clean. You just need a ladder, rubber gloves and some elbow grease. If you aren't confident with being up a ladder then it's probably a job worth getting a professional in to do it.

Getting rid of any draughts 

Drafts around windows and doors can leave you feeling cold, and they could be wasting energy.  There are plenty of DIY draught proofing methods you can do such as buying draught-proofing strips that can be fitted around the frame of windows and doors  to fill in any gaps, checking your caulking, hanging up thick curtains etc.

Get your garden ready for winter

I've touched on this in my previous post in more detail. There are tasks such as storing away or covering furniture to prevent from the elements. One thing I've not mentioned is protecting your pipes from freezing by insulating them. Don't forget to cover outside taps too.

Check/get your boiler serviced 

The last thing you want during your winter months is your boiler breaking down. We have boiler insurance which includes an annual service. This is definitely something I recommend for peace of mind.

Bleed your radiators 

This is a task that should be done at least once a year. Now is a good time as any to do since winter is the time of year they will be mostly used.  Bleeding your radiators will ensure that there is no trapped air inside, which can cause poor circulation and mean that your heating may not run effectively.

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