Winter is often seen as a gloomy and dull time of year for your garden. There isn't as much wildlife about and its most likely cold and frosty, however you still need to prepare and care for it. There are only a few things you'll really need to do but it's definitely worthwhile and you'll appreciate it once more when it begins to warm up again.

Tidying up and clearing away

Winter is a great time to give your garden a tidy. Tasks such as raking up dead leaves and debris from your lawn and give pathways a clean with warm soapy water or with a  pressure washer will quickly clear away dried-on dirt from stone or wood. Don't forget to clean out any ponds and waterfeatures you have and prune back trees and shrubs.

Store away or cover furniture and outdoor decorations 

Winter isn't great for your outdoor decorations and patio furniture. Rain can cause rust, rotting and discolouration to make sure you protect your items either store them away into a garden shed, your garage or storage container. Patio furniture,BBQs etc can be covered with special garden coverings. Don't forget to store any cushions away inside though.

Get planting your bulbs for spring

Daffodils, snowdrops, or crocus are great spring flowers that need planting during winter months. Protect them from the cold and frost by giving them a chance to grow and mix some sharp sand and bone meal in your soil to allow for lots of insolation, water drainage, and slow release of nutrients.

If you are planning to enjoy sitting out in your garden during the winter months consider these various outdoor heating options to keep you lovely and cosy.

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