Did you know that it is estimated that 295 billion pieces of plastic are discarded in the UK each year? These are filling up our landfills, oceans, and waterways which are threatening both our environment and the wildlife around us. 

Over time we have started being more mindful about the plastic we use both at home and when we are out and about. It's great to see that small businesses and supermarkets are starting to make changes although there is still alot more to be done, it's a start. 

Making simple changes by swapping to reusable options doesn't have to be expensive either. You don't have to do everything in one go but make simple swaps here and there over time. Let's look at some of the swaps you can easily start today.

Food storage

It's time to say goodbye to clingfilm and plastic sandwich bags. Instead opt for glass food storage containers, beeswax wraps, reusable storage bags etc. You don't have to buy all these at once maybe start with swapping plastic sandwich bags for a reusable one instead and go from there.

Cutlery and crockery 

We no longer use plastic straws and instead use stainless steel ones. You can however can get  ones made from glass or silicone aswell. When it comes to cutlery and crockery for BBQs, picnics and parties we've pretty much always opted for reusable ones instead of plastic that you just chuck away. 

Cleaning products 

When it comes to cleaning products you can make up some of your own. It's easy to do and not that expensive. The alternative is to look out for eco friendly brands such as Ecover and OceanSaver. Don't forget to use reusable cleaning sponges and cloths. Check out this review on the EcoEgg for your laundry.


Toiletries often get forgotten about when it comes to plastic consumption. Everything from toothbrushes and combs to cotton buds and clips are manufactured from plastic. Luckily there are lots of reusable options popping up such as bamboo toothbrushes, micofibre make up pads, cloth sanitaryware, shampoo and conditioner bars etc.

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