BBQ season is almost here! If you are in the need of purchasing this popular, summer garden stapel then you might be wondering about the different types. BBQs are a fun way to cook and the sort you need depends on various things. I'll be sharing some pros and cons in regards to the different options available.

Gas BBQ 

Gas BBQs are an easy and convenient option. They are fulled by propane gas so you can heat up straight away once connected to your gas supply. The pros to a gas BBQ is that they have variable heat options, which are ideal when cooking different foods so is a versatile option. They also don't have as much clean up as a charcoal BBQ would require. On the downside they are more big and bulky aswell as costing more to run than charcoal ones.

Charcoal BBQ 

This is the option we went for when we purchased our BBQ. One of main cons with this type of BBQ is that they take awhile to heat up and you can't control the temperature of them. The pros though are they are cheaper to run as they use charcoal briquettes and lump wood rather than gas. They are also lighter and portable so you can take them with you for picnics or on the beach. 

Smoker BBQs 

These type of BBQs unlike gas and charcoal ones circulate warm air around your food, cooking it slowly over a long period of time. They give a delicious smokey flavour to food like restaurants. 

Kamado BBQs 

This is a type of BBQ I've only recently heard of. They originate from Japan and use wood or coal instead of gas or charcoal. They are an egg shape and use ceramic grills instead of iron or steel. The temperature is controlled by adjusting the airflow, and high and low temperatures can be maintained for longer periods of time. They give a smokey BBQ taste to food that both gas and charcoal BBQs don't. They are also more expensive to buy than gas/charcoal ones.

Features to consider:

Grill plates:

Grill plates are made from either stainless steel or cast iron. The plates are the part of your BBQ that you cook your food on. Stainless steel ones are easy to clean and are rust free, however cast iron has better heat conduction so that food can cook more evenly. 

BBQ Lids

Opting for a BBQ with a lid means you can alter the temperature of the grill. With gas BBQs this means it will trap in heat and create an oven-like condition for heating your food. With charcoal BBQs it means it shuts off the airflow that will reduce the temperature, as well as help create a smokey flavour by trapping in smoke.

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