How to Make Your Home Look Bigger

 If cluttered and decorated the wrong way your home can feel dark and claustrophobic. This is something we are wanting to sort out in regards to our home. There are actually things you can do that will help you to give your property a more spacious and airy feel. With that said let's jump into them below.

Light colours

We've been decorating our home and one of the main things we have done is opt for lighter colours on the walls. Dark colours absorb light and so we've noticed a big difference in the rooms we have already sorted. The living room is the main room we want to decorate with lighter coloured walls. We've already got the wallpaper and we just need to decide on the shade of paint to go for. White and neutral colours will instantly expand a room, so this is something you may want to consider. 


Moving furniture away from the walls even by just a few inches can actually make a difference. By doing so you are creating a illusion of space. By opting for furniture that has exposed legs and not boxed designs you are also giving a more relaxed look to a room.


Clutter is a big thing we need to deal with. Having smart storage that helps keep clutter at bay is a must. We are in much need of having a good declutter. Installing high up shelves is another idea for storing items as it gives the illusion of taller ceilings. 

Natural light

Let in the natural light by having your curtains open and tied back. This makes the most of light during the day time. Placing mirrors in dark corners or Hallways are another way to bounce natural light and give an airy feel.

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