How to Create a Photo Wall

I don't know about you but every now and again I like to change up some of the areas in our home. One of the most easiest way to do this is with photos or wall art. Creating a photo wall is a trend that doesn't seem to be disappearing any time soon. A photo wall is definitely a great way to display your cherished memories or show off your style.

Below I am sharing some tips to make the most out of having a photo wall.

Choosing the wall

Deciding where  you want your photos to go isan important start. Ideally opt for a space that is open and has lots of natural light. Places that make a great area for a photo wall are: The hallway, above the sofa/bed or above a piece of furniture.

Choosing a theme

The theme you opt for is an important way of telling a story. Maybe you are wanting to show photos of your family, your relationship over time or photos of your kids growing up.

Choosing the frames

The frames you opt for depends on theme you go for. Black or white frames give a modern look while mismatched frames give a vintage feel. When it comes to choosing frames it's also a good idea to decide on the sizes which all depend on the space you have. You may decide that you want all your frames to be the same size or whether you want to mix them up with larger and smaller options. 

Plan out the design

Once you have your photos and frames it's time to decide how you want them on the wall. This is great fun as you can be really creative with it. Once you have decided on a layout you love all that is left to do is hang them up.

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