As someone who has always loved reading from a young age it's important for me to have storage options. I own alot of books which are dotted around the house and I've come up with some great ways for finding more room for my books.

Utilise hallway space
Hallways tend to be one of the most overlooked areas of your home. Whether you only have an upstairs hallway like us or have a downstairs one too you can make the most of the space by adding floating shelves. 

Use alcoves and awkward areas
There is a chance that you have some awkward areas in your home you can use. Some ideas include:
- A thin bookshelf behind doors 
- attach little shelves to your understairs 
- Make a shelf that will fit into those awkward shaped corners of the home.

Go vertical
This means adding shelving to higher parts of your walls or purchasing a tall and skinny bookcase as they take up less floor space.

Think of other options instead of shelves
There are actually many ways to store books that aren't just shelves. Here are some ideas:

- Store in crates around your home
- Have organised piles on the floor
-  Store them under the bed or on a headboard that has storage
- Purchase a trolley for your books
- Display them on a windowsill
- Display them on your mantelpiece/ in the fireplace 

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