Creative Ways to Dress-Up your Windowsill

 Windowsills are often an neglected part of the home. They often get overlooked and are often left bare or accumulate clutter. With a bit of creativity you can transform your windowsills into a stylish area of the home. 

Below are 5 ideas of come across which I love.

This tends to be our go to especially in the kitchen. A herb garden is a great addition to your kitchen windowsill. Other indoor plants such as cacti are also great there are many different options of indoor plants to consider.

If you love to read as much as I do then why not use windowsills to display some of your favourite reads. If you have the space you could get a comfy chair nearby and turn the area into a reading nook.

Using windowsills to display family photos/art prints is a wonderful way to dress up the space. It gives a more personal touch to the area.

Knick knacks 
Why not use the space for displaying items such as ornaments, trinkets, lamps, candles etc. It's a great place to display those items you want to show off.

Additional storage
Use your Windowsill as if it's a shelf and make the most of it. You can use your bathroom windowsill for example for toiletries, in your kids room you can display toys.

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