Tips for Starting a Greenhouse

If you enjoy gardening then you may want to think about starting a greenhouse.Having a greenhouse has many uses such as controlling the conditions for your plants, flower seeds and bulbs. They are also great for colder times in the year, extending the sowing season and more. Before you think about starting a greenhouse though, it's worth making sure that you are prepared. 

Find the right spot for it
When it comes to getting a greenhouse you need to make sure you have the space for one. We have a mini greenhouse in our garden as we are limited on space. Coldframe greenhouses are another option to think about. If space isn't an issue then you could go for a more traditional full-size greenhouse, giving you much more space.

Get the right equipment, tools, and materials
Now you know the right spot for your greenhouse it's time to purchase one or build one. If you are planning to build one yourself than you will need to make sure that you have all the materials and tools required. Buying a complete greenhouse kit is a convenient way to start a greenhouse especially if you are a beginner. 

Getting the right plants
Once you have your greenhouse and got everything set up, it's time to get your plants. As a beginner it's best to start off small and research what plants work best. As well as plants you can also grow fruit and veg in a greenhouse.

Maintaining your greenhouse 
It's important to look after your greenhouse and make sure that there is proper ventilation, have a watering schedule, keep pests away and of course keep it clean. It may sound quite alot to do however it's a good idea to build a routine of checking your greenhouse. 

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