Creating a garden suitable for the whole family doesn't have to be challenging. In fact it can actually be lots of fun coming together and sharing ideas and deciding what will work for you and your budget. 

Our garden is pretty small however we've made it work for us and it's a lovely little space for Blake and his friends and us adults to enjoy together.

Have a dedicated play area
As mentioned above our garden is pretty small. However we have a trampoline for Blake that fits in the perfect spot on our artificial lawn. We can also move some bits around if needed for him to play with other toys/games. If you have a big enough garden I definitely recommend dedicating an area for kids to play. 

We grow our plants/fruit/veg in planters and have a mini greenhouse. This works for us and it means we have a little area for growing things which just goes to show you really don't need to have a big garden. Children love seeing how things grow and spotting wildlife.

If you are lucky enough to have space for a shed it's definitely recommend for storing not just garden supplies but also toys. We can't fit one in our garden but we have however managed to just about fit a garden storage box. 

Create a seating area
We personally have gone for a rattan seating set that has enough space for 4 people and a coffee table. You may want to consider purchasing an outside dining set if you plan to eat in the garden alot during the summer months. 

Make a shaded area
We are planning to purchase a gazebo so that we have a shaded area. If you don't have space for one there are other options such as getting a parasol or a awning canopy that attaches to a wall. 

Lights and Decor 
There are so many different types of lighting, garden ornaments and decor items that can really bring your garden to life. Why not have fun going shopping together and you can all choose something. 

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