I must admit our kitchen is one area of our home I like the least. The main reason being the size but I'm also not a fan of the decor either.  With that said maybe it's time we looked at how to spruce up our kitchen. In this post I'm sharing ways on how to spruce up your kitchen with ideas that are affordable especially if you can't afford a new kitchen.

Change up your tiles
Getting new tiles is a great option if you can afford it. If not than all is not lost as there is the option of getting stick on tile sheets to go over your current tiles. This is also a handy option for those who are renting as they can be applied and removed without leaving any damage. We haven't decided just yet what option to go for.

Paint the walls
A fresh lick of paint is a great way to make any room look better. Alot of us opt for white or magnolia walls for the kitchen however don't be afraid to add colour.

Update the cabinets
Depending on the material of your kitchen cupboards you maybe able to paint them. Another option is using self adhesive wrap. These come in lots of designs and also can be used on your worktops. Another simple idea is changing your cabinets hardware.

Adding under cabinet lighting or LED lighting to kickboards is a great touch. If you are wanting to make any major lighting changes to your kitchen than it's important to get a qualified electrician in to do the job.

Add shelving
Adding open shelving to your kitchen is a great way to add extra storage space. You can use shelves for plants,cookery books  decor etc.

Add a kitchen rug
The kitchen isn't a traditional place to have a rug, however it can actually be a great addition. When adding a rug to your kitchen the best place to have one is in front of the sink, since it is the area most used. A rug that is washable and hardwareing is your best bet with the kitchen being a high traffic area.

Add decorative touches
Plants, candles, artwork etc are great decorative touches to add to your kitchen depending on space. 

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