They say that the kitchen is the heart of the home. No matter the size of your kitchen I bet you are guilty of it ending up cluttered. Our kitchen is small and it's always cluttered with appliances and packets of crisps left on the side as we can't find room. I'm planning to have a good sort out of our kitchen this year and I've some ideas to help when it comes to storage so I thought I'd share them with you below.

Easier said than done but you don't need all of your appliances out at once. We need to make room to put away appliances that don't get used everyday. Removing things such as keys and letters that don't belong in the kitchen is another important tip. If you need easy access to salt & pepper, oils etc., then place all these onto a small tray to keep it all compact. We have a shelf step we use which is ideal.


The tops of your cabinets are ideal for those big bulky items. Inside your cabinets you can use glass jars so you can see items such as pasta more clearly. You can also get racks and stands for items to fit in better. Make sure you clear out any old out of date food whilst decluttering.

Organise drawers

Organise your cupboards and drawers making sure to remove any useless odds and ends. It's easy to end up with draws filled with items such as takeaway leaflets.


One thing we really want to add to our kitchen is a small shelf. This would be really handy and give a little bit of extra storage space. 

Storage trolly

If you have the space than a storage trolley for your kitchen is also a great option. You can get slim ones that can fit down the side of your units.

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