With the days being longer and spring flowers blooming it's a good time to start freshening up your home ready for the warmer months ahead. 

Having a good declutter from time to time really helps to refresh your home. I tend to do this multiple times throughout the year. My guide on decluttering will help you to make a start.

Spring Clean
This guide on spring cleaning your home and garden that I wrote last year is sure to come in handy.  Giving your home a deep clean and getting into those forgotten areas, windows, under units, sofas etc will make your home to look and feel refreshed.

Rearrange furniture  
The layout of your furniture has more of an impact than you may think. Moving a few pieces of furniture around lifts the room making it appear lighter.

Colour scheme 
Change up the colour scheme of your textiles for lighter colours, florals or neutrals. This makes your home have a more bright and airy feel. Darker colours and tones are more better for autumn/winter and give a more cosy vibe.

Store away winter bedding, extra blankets and electric blankets. Swap for lighter bedding in breathable fabrics such as cotton.

Candles in spring scents are really uplifting and fresh blooms such as daffodils and tulips are a great way to lift your mood. 

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