The temperature over the past few days has really been starting to drop. Which means autumn is definitely here. This also means that it is time to start having a think about winter proofing your home ready for the colder months to come. 

There are some great ways that you can winter proof your home to help keep your home cosy and warm and are easy to do too:

Use insulating tape/bubble wrap on the windows
You can buy various types from DIY stores they are invisible when doors and windows are shut. You just stick them around the edges of the frame to fill the gaps. You can also invest in window shrink film or use bubble wrap.

Use draught excluders
During the warmer months drafty doors and windows are less likely to be noticed. Draught excluders are  great for doors as they are one of the worst areas for draught. You can buy different varieties and designs or if you have the time you can even make your own.

Hang a heavy curtain across your front door
My parents would do this during the winter months to keep the house warm. It definitely seemed to work and is something we are yet to try but are considering.

Block up unused fireplaces 
heat can be lost up the chimney and cold draughts come down make sure you also give them a good clean first. Out fireplace was luckily blocked up already when we moved in so not something we have to worry about atm.

Make sure your attic is well insulated 
If your renting its not responsibility. If you are lucky to own your own home than make sure it's well insulated as homes heat can be lost through the roof. This is definitely something we need to look into as we don't use the attic often.

These are just a few tips to help you to keep your home nice and warm this autum/winter. These tips on making your bedroom extra cosy this winter are really helpful too.

Do you have any more tips? 

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