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There are many benefits of having artificial grass, one of them being it is low maintenance. Although you don't need to be mowing, watering, weeding etc like natural grass requires , there are still things you need to do to keep your artificial grass in tip top condition. 

 Cleaning up debrie 

Getting rid of debrie such as fallen leaves, petals and twigs by using a leaf blower. Although good old fashioned broom and rake works just as well. Using a vacuum cleaner on your grass is OK for a bit of spot cleaning though.

Hose the turf

Hosing down your artificial grass will keep it looking fresh as well as getting rid of any small spills and odours. 

Prevent weeds

If properly installed weeds will find it difficult to grow through artificial grass, although it possible to get weeds growing around the edges. If you do spot them than you can use weed killer,just hose it down to wash any chemicals away in about 2/3 days after and keep off it during that time.

You are going to get spills and stains so it's best to take on these handy tips on how to deal with them:

Drink spills

Drink spills are more likely to happen in the summer. The best way to deal with it is right away by blotting with a kitchen towel and hose off with cold water.

Oil stains

Oil stains are best sorted with a mild decreaser just make sure you opt for one that doesn't contain acid as that can damage your artificial lawn.

Paint stains

Attend to paint stains immediately and clean like you would paintbrushes such as using turpitine with oil based paints and water with water based paints.

Chewing gum

Chewing gum can be difficult to get out the longer it's embedded into the lawn. Ice is a great way to harden the gum so that it's easier to scrape away. 


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