Around this time of year I find that our energy bills start to creep up due to the colder weather. It is important this time of year to try and cut down on energy costs as it can be so expensive. So I have compiled a list of ways to help cut down your bills now that autumn/winter is here.


Switch energy suppliers
By changing energy suppliers you can save. It's worth using comparison sites and doing a bit of research to find the best deal.

Pay via Direct Debt 
Energy companies tend to offer discounts if you pay by Direct Debit. 

Install and use heating controls 
If you don’t already have a room thermostat, programmer and thermostatic radiator valves, installing them can save you money in the long run. If you already have these installed try lowing the temperature, even if it's by 1° you can save approx £55 a year. 

Draught-proof your home
Stopping heat escaping through unwanted gaps around windows and doors can save you about £20 a year. For tips on draught proofing your home check out my guide on 5 ways to winter proof your home.

Monitor your usage 
See what areas you are wasting money on:
Do you leave unnecessary items on standby? TV on when no one is watching it? We also use a smart meter so that we can see how much we are using.

Put on extra layers
If your cold put on an extra jumper, wear slippers. Overall make sure you are dressed sensibly for the time of year. 

Use energy efficient appliances 
If you need to buy new appliances such as fridges, washing machines etc than look out for energy efficient ones with a rating of A++ or A+

Lower the temperature on your wash programme
We mainly wash at 30 degrees and is just as efficient as a 40 degree wash but uses approx 40% less energy. 

Do your washing at night
Some companies sell energy for lower rates at off peak hours so its worthwhile taking advantage and doing your laundry at night. 

Use low energy light bulbs 
If you don't already start using them!

Turn off the lights 
If you aren't using a room you don't need the lights on in there so turn them off

Cut down your time in the shower
This will not only help save money on heating water but also save you money on your water bill. 

Use blankets and throws
We have a thermal one we like to use. I tend to feel the cold a lot more than Stuart does so I'm glad that I have one of these. 

Electric blanket at night 
If its really cold we put our electric blanket on between 15-30 mins before going to bed so its nice and warm when we get in (don't forget to turn it off so you don't get too hot).

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