Movie nights are definitely a fun family activity we enjoy. You don't neccessarily have to go to the theatre either as with time, a bit creativity and with little money you can create a movie night at home complete with snacks, popcorn and drinks. Even better is that during the warmer months you can create a movie night in the backyard rather than just in your living room.

With the convenience of streaming services it's so much easier to recreate a  theater experience at home. There are so many options of things to watch on streaming services my favourites to use are Netflix and Amazon Prime. 

In this post I'll be sharing ideas such as themed decor, movie night snacks and more for your family backyard movie night.

Creating the right space
To set the stage the first thing you will want to do is think about your outdoor space and where it's best to set up. In the UK weather is changeable to say the least and so for an outdoor movie night you may want to consider using a gazebo (with walls) or pergola to have protection from wind and rain. Pop up gazebos are a great option if you have limited space to have one up all the time. Blankets and cushions are a must for a comfortable outdoor movie night as is comfortable seating. For cooler evenings a fire pit or a Chimenia are great options for keeping cosy.

Invest in a high quality projector and screen 
Projectors can be pricey so if you are planning your own family movie night on a budget then I'd look into borrowing from a friend or family member or even renting one out. If you plan on having family movie nights outside often it's probably a better option to invest in your own.

DIY movie booth
I love the idea of making your own ticket booth.
Creating a booth and sign and handing out movie tickets is such a fun way add an authentic touch to your at-home theater experience.

Snacks and treats
Whether your watching a classic movie or a family movie snacks are a must. My favourite movie night snack is popcorn as you can be creative with the flavours but crisps and your favourite sweets are great choices too. I always stock up on fizzy pop to enjoy as well and my husband always likes to opt for a slushy. 

Themed movie nights
Take your movie nights to the next level by organising themed movie nights. Here are a few examples:
- A superhero movie night with comic book decorations and superhero food
- Disney films you can put up posters and do themed snacks such as shaped like Mickey Mouse

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