It's not just BBQs that are popular this time of year. Although you can do a picnic any time of year they tend to be more popular and practical during the summer months. Although at the moment you wouldn't think it was summer, that's typical British weather for you though. All you need to do is bring your favourite food/drink and the following essentials and your sorted.

There are so many gorgeous picnic blankets available so why not find one that stands out. Blankets make sure you have comfortable place to sit especially because of damp or wet ground. A picnic blanket with a waterproof backing is ideal for a typical British summer.

Picnic bag/basket
You'll need something of course to fit your picnic in. I prefer baskets as they tend to fit everything in and often have sections for plates, cutlery and glasses. A cool bag though is essential if you have food that needs to stay cool or to keep drinks chilled.

Plastic dinner sets and glasses 
Plastic dinner sets and glasses are less easier to break and are ideal especially if you have kids. They are also lightweight and can be stacked making them easy for transportation.

Food containers/wraps
Having reusable containers and wraps are a must for keeping food fresh. They are ideal for storing any left over food to take home. I reccomend opting for  BPA friendly plastics or stainless steel. For wraps you can get reusable bees wax ones which are much better for the environment than using clingfilm film or tin foil. 

Bug repellant supplies 
I've been finding I've been getting bitten by bugs more recently. It's a good idea to apply a bug repellant before you go and take some supplies such as a spray, bracelet and  citronella candles to place around the perimeter of your blanket.

Battery powered portable fan
This is a must on those hot days, so that you can feel comfortable and cool. This practical and easy to store gadget is great for keeping close by plus is convenient.

Outdoor games/toys
Having some enjoyable activities to hand for after picnic entertainment is an ideal way to have fun together. For the more active members of your party why not pack equipment for outdoor games such as rounders, badminton and ball games. Kids love to join in so pack games and toys that they will enjoy such as bubbles, board games, pongo stick, arts and crafts etc.

Portable Bluetooth speaker 
This is something I've not thought of doing before, but that is bringing a Portable Bluetooth speaker with you. You can sort out a playlist that you can have playing from your smart phone for example. 

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