Fun ideas for creating Your Own Garden Bar

Pub gardens are popular during the summer months, so creating your own garden bar is fast becoming a welcome addition to the home. The great thing is that you will have full control of the drinks menu. Whether you have friends or family over or just relaxing by yourself or with your partner it's a great way to enjoy the sunshine.

Here are some fun ideas I've come across for creating your own garden bar.

Create a wall mounted bar

If you lack space in your garden then instead of a full kitted out bar why not create a wall mounted one.

Transform your garden shed

If you only use your garden shed for storing summer furniture, why not transform it into a bar for the summer. Then once summer is over you can store your furniture away. 

Upcycle old furniture 

Another idea is upcycle old furniture to create a bar. An example is a dresser can be upcycled with waterproof paint and the draws can be used to store glasses.  

Use your gazebo 

Why not use your gazebo as a bar area. It gives you extra privacy as well as a shaded area on hot days.

Add a firepit

A firepit is a great addition to your garden bar area. This will keep you and your guests nice and cosy.

Integrate a pizza oven 

If you have space and the budget than why not get a pizza oven and wow your guests with wood-fired homemade pizzas.


 Fairy lights, lanterns, candles, LED strip lights, solar lights etc. You are spoilt for choice for giving your bar a fun and cosy look as it starts to get dark.

Creative signage 

You can get many signs online but why not think outside the box. With a living wall, light up letters or a chalkboard...

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