One thing alot of house holds, us included is being a little short on is space. If this sounds like you and you’re struggling to squeeze everything into your home, these space-saving furniture ideas are sure to be welcome. 

Clear the hallway

Hallways tend to get cluttered very easily and often get treated like a dumping ground. So ample storage for coats, shoes, umbrellas etc are a must. Opt for slimline furniture that hides coats and shoes for a calmer environment. A slimline shoe storage unit is a great option for hiding shoes and looks stylish too.

TV on the wall

If having your TV on the wall is an option it's a great space saving idea. You can then use the area you would have your TV, for an alternative storage solution such as a console table. 

Floating shelves

Floating shelves are great for every room in the home. Traditional bookcases and shelving units take up excessive amounts of floor space, but floating shelves will instantly make the room feel bigger. 

Choose the right sofa

A corner sofa is great if you have a good sized living area. If you have a smaller living area than a sofa with storage is a great option or even a sofa bed if you need room for guests to stay over. 

Use storage baskets and Ottoman’s

These are a great option as clutter is bound to build up in a family home. The living room is an area that families come together, so it's not always practical to keep things out of the room that may not belong there. Storage baskets and Ottoman’s are a great way to hide toys, blankets etc.

Storage beds

Under the bed can often be an area that we often forget to use for storage space. You can make the most of under the bed space by opting for an Ottoman bed. We've had ours for quite awhile now and love the amount of space we can use. 

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