It hopefully won't be too long now until spring and warmer weather starts to arrive. I'm definitely ready for being able to spend more time outside in our gardens. With that said here are some ideas for helping you get your garden/s ready.

It can be hard to know where to start, especially if like us you've not really focused on garden maintenance over the winter months. Let's be honest here - we most likely should have but I'm sure we aren't the only ones, right? Hopefully these tips and tricks will give you a helping hand with what to do. If your garden is over grown then these 5 Steps To Deal With Your Overgrown Garden will also be a big help. 

Spring clean

After the winter months your garden may look a little neglected so it's important to clean up any mess such as dead leaves, twigs, weeds and rubbish that may have appeared. A leaf blower is really handy tool to have.

Give your grass some love

Spring is a great time to rake and feed your lawn. This will ensure all debris and dead grass cuttings are removed. If like us though you have artificial grass my post on How to clean artificial grass will come in handy.

Clean up your patio/pathways 

Giving your patio and pathways a sweep to get up debris is a must. If you want to give your patio/pathways a real clean consider hiring or purchasing a pressure washer. They really are good at getting rid of stubbon stains and making your garden look brand new.

Rejuvenate Garden Furniture

If your garden furniture is looking a bit sad then you can revive it with a good clean with a sponge and old fashioned soap and water. If you have wooden furniture though you may need to give it a bit more TLC such as repainting or using wood oil. Failing that if you fancy a change or need to then getting a new set maybe an option.

Tidy up the flower beds

Spring is the perfect time for getting on your garden gloves and tidying up your flower beds. Remove weeds, feed the beds with fertiliser and plant new seeds. 

Create a compost area

If you haven't got a composter set up in your garden already then its a good idea to start now. A compost area provides somewhere to put all your organic waste. Once it has broken down, you'll get a lovely, rich compost that helps to fertilise your soil that your plants will thrive on.

Create a garden sanctuary

To create the perfect garden sanctuary you can add bee boxes and bird feeders for example. If you have the time you could build a pallet planter. You can Add some colour by adding fairy lights, ornaments and garden textiles such as cushions, blankets and garden rugs. 

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