Home Maintenance and Repairs Every Homeowner Should Know How to Do

As a homeowner there is no denying that there are maintenance and repairs that you need to know how to do. I must admit there are definitely some home maintenance and repair tasks that I need to learn to do around our home, however my husband is pretty good at the basics and knows when a professional is needed for the job.

Learning how to do some of the basics yourself definitely helps to save money as getting a handyman out can be expensive. It also gives you the chance to learn new skills. The below tasks are things you should know how to do. Infact if you aren't a homeowner it's definitely worth learning these skills anyway. 

Turn off your water supply

It's vital to know how to do this incase of emergencies. We made the mistake when we moved in of not knowing where this was in our home, so when we had an emergency leak we ended up panicking. Now we know where to turn it off and how we are prepared for any future issues.

Unclog the sink/drain

Every home needs a plunger as it's a useful tool. The same way you unclog a toilet you can unclog your drain/sink. Just don't be using the same plunger that you use for the toilet. Also getting a drain snake is a good investment for getting out gunk.


No matter the time of year you’re going to have to regularly make sure your house is weather-proofed and caulking plays a  major role in that. This will help seal tiny cracks around the doors and windows in your home, preventing air leaks, mould and mildew. 

Cleaning out your garbage disposal 

Nasty smells from your kitchen sink happen from time to time. Nasty odors are easy to eliminate though with the use of baking soda and vinegar. These are items you most likely already have in your pantry so there is no need to go out and buy expensive products. 

Cleaning the gutters 

Gutters collect rainwater to direct water away from the roof and foundation. However they only work if kept clean from leaves and debris. Cleaning them out a couple of times a year is a must. It's on our list to get done pretty soon actually. 

Change a light bulb

Changing a light bulb is a job you can't get out of. Make sure you turn off the mains before hand and also make sure you have the right bulb type and wattage. The ones I must admit I struggle with are the spot light ones.

Dealing with a power outage 

Knowing where your fuse box is important for various reasons including for when there is a power outage. From time to time appliances can trip a switch so working out which appliance and if its the appliance itself or the original socket is worth knowing.

Fix holes in walls

Sometimes you will need to know how to fix a hole in a wall. This could be from a DIY gone wrong or from the previous owners. It's worth knowing how to fix it be it plaster, drywall or concrete.  

Are there any others I've missed off that you feel are important?

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