The front door is one of the first things that visitors notices and remembers. So when we purchased our house a new front door was one of the first things we got done. We offered a lower price for the house as this was one of the major things we needed to sort out as the door wasn't in the best condition.

We want our home to have great kerb appeal and first impressions count. A new front door has some great positives such as adding a bit more value to your home , improving home security and energy efficiency. 

Choosing a new front door isn't a straightforward as some people think it is. Finding a door that suits your spec, budget and safety regulations usually results in having to compromise. Here are some things I recommend on what you need to consider:

There are a good few different material options available. For us low maintenance was important so we opted for a UPVC door as we felt that was the best option for us after doing some research. However wood is a popular choice for many, aluminium and composite are other alternatives to consider.

Do you want a door that has glass? If so you need to consider glazing choice. There are many options of clear, tinted, frosted and patterned glass to consider in single, double-glazed and triple-glazed formats.
You may also be able to make a statement with a transom light. When choosing your design don't forget the colour we opted for white and we really like the clean look.  Then there are the fixtures and fittings,  a good door supplier will give you a choice of fixtures and fittings with the choice being to either complement or make a contrast. You might choose to remove some of the usual fixtures and fittings from the door itself - we chose to keep the letterbox but didn't want to have a knocker but went for the option of a spy hole. 

Security is a big thing about the front door you go for. As a minimum you should expect doors to meet or exceed British Standard PAS24 and your insurance company will specify that locks conform to British Standard 3621. 

Energy Efficiency 
A good front door will contribute significantly to heat retention in your house. The effectiveness of insulation around the rest of your house and double glazing will be compromised if the front door is draughty or not adequately insulated.

Once you know the door you want make sure you measure correctly. We had ours installed by professionals and this was part of the service that they offered.

It's important that your installer has a good track record and offers a guarantee on your door look for one that is for 10 years.

Lets be honest - a new front door is going to cost quite a bit as it's an investment. It's important that you do a lot of research before deciding on a budget. When it comes to a new front door you get what you pay for.

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