If we are lucky to be blessed with gorgeous sunshine during the summer months we try and make the most of being outside. No matter what though sometimes there are days when it is just too stifling but you don't want to miss being outside. So that's why you need to come up with some ways to keep cool whilst in your garden. 


These options for keeping cool in your garden this summer depend on the space you have. We have a small yard so can only have a few of these however if you are blessed with a big garden than you can probably have all of these depending on your tastes.


We have a lovely rattan furniture set and a parolsol is a great option for making a shaded area for us to sit.I also like that we can move it around if needed. If you don't have the space for a parosol then an awning instead is a great option to install to the wall of your house. 

Swinging hammocks/seat

A swinging hammock/seat is a lovely option for relaxing outside. Swinging can help to create your own breeze and there is a bonus of it being a bit of a shaded area. 

Summer houses and Gazebos 

If you fancy something a bit more luxurious than a summer house or a gazebo are options to consider. These are a great permanent or semi permanent option for creating a spot away from the harsh sun.

Swimming pool 

Whether you opt for a paddling pool or full on swimming pool, a dip is sure to cool you down. If you have children a pool is a great way to keep them entertained on hot days.

Last of all this one applies to everyone, make sure you stay hydrated. Consider keeping a jug of ice cold water or squash outside so you can easily top up when needed.

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