We've been living in our home for four years now and slowly doing the place up as and when we can afford to. We have an attic room which has been partially converted into a bedroom. It still needs alot doing to it and it feels like a long way off before we even start on it. However with that said we do have some ideas on what we want to eventually do.

Our attic room is actually really spacious so ideal as an extra bedroom. The major off-putting part is that the stairs are super steep. Even so here are some of our ideas for the room.

New window
The current window is in awful condition and definitely needs replacing. We actually dare not touch it to open it because the wood is wearing away. We want to eventually maximise natural light up there with a modern and contemporary feel so we want replacement aluminium windows. We like the idea for many reasons such as it being a durable and easy to maintain material. We also like that aluminium windows don't expand in the heat or retract in the cold.

Our home (other than the stairs and landing) has laminate flooring so this is something we would most likely opt for in our attic room too. We personally prefer it over carpet as it's so much easier to clean.

Storage is a big thing for us as we need plenty of it. So we want to make most of the eaves and use that area of the attic for storage solutions. We've recently put down crawl boards in their for safety. 

En-suite or not
There is also a small area that would most likely fit a toilet and sink but we are thinking it being a storage cupboard might actually be a better option.  It's something we've not really thought about in much detail yet.

Wall colours 
We've not decided on a colour for the walls just yet however we definitely don't want to use dark colours so will most likely opt for a light grey or cream. Currently it's a bluey grey which isn't us and feel is a bit  dark for up there. We are also considering painting the beams white as they are currently brown. 

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