Christmas Decorating Tips for Small Spaces

Putting up the Christmas decorations is an exciting time. However if you have little space then trying to cram in decorations can make the whole experience stressful. This is why I'm sharing today some tips/ideas with you to give you a helping hand this festive season.

The Christmas Tree 

The Christmas tree tends to be one of the most important decor pieces. Christmas trees can reach at least 6ft tall, however if you don't have the room then don't stress as there are a variety of sizes including ones that are 3ft. We use to have a 4ft one that fit perfectly in a corner when we lived in a flat. We personally opt for an artificial tree that we get out each year however a real tree is often a popular choice. With artificial trees you can also find ones that pop up easily. 


Festive lights come in such a wide variety. Stringing LED lights around the home can bring a cosy glow. You can opt for ones in either warm or cool tones based on your preferences. Christmas lights are some of the most versatile of decorations, and can be hung from the ceiling, across walls, around doorways and windows, or even wrapped around furniture. 

Little touches

Doors, windows, and furniture are prime places to sprinkle just a dash of Christmas cheer. We love using stickers on the windows and have a variety of little ornaments that work perfectly on top of drawers. You can hang tinsel or foliage around banisters and from the fireplace (if you have one).  Also hanging a traditional Christmas wreath on your front door or even hanging one inside adds a great touch. 


Last of all don't forget homewares such as festive mugs, cushions and bedding. These are a great way to add a little joy to your home.

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