how to create a relaxing bedroom this autumn/winter

Pumpkin spiced lattes, jumping in leaves, cosy knit wear...Autumn is certainly in full swing and winter won't be far behind. With temperatures noticeably starting to drop and the evenings getting darker earlier we are starting to spend more time at home. With that said let's look at how to create a relaxing bedroom this autumn/winter.

You don't need to be spend a fortune, on making your bedroom relaxing and cosy for the colder months ahead. 

The lighting you have in your bedroom really can have an impact on how relaxing the environment is. Fairy lights can add soft light and twinkly ambience to the room. You can have them hung along your ceiling, behind curtains or even popped in a jar to make your own little decor piece. Candles are also a great option for a cosy atmosphere. If using real candles than make sure you keep an eye on them. Artificial candles are a great option instead as you can still get that beautiful glow but without the risk of a flame. Another option I reccomend is a Himalayon salt lamp. We've had one for a good few years now, they not only have potential health benefits but they also give a lovely orangey glow. 

Use comfy rugs
A rug next to your bed, especially if you don't have carpet is a lovely cosy touch. It's  much nicer for when you get out of bed instead of cold hard floor. The great thing is you can have fun choosing the colour and design you go for. I recommend getting a high pile one.

Neutral colours and natural materials 
You don't need to redecorate for the autumn/winter months. Why not add accessories such as pillows, throws, picture frames, ornaments etc in neutral earthy colours and natural materials such as wood, wool, wicker etc.

Throws and blankets
A Throw or blanket is a must for those chilly evenings. Opt for one in an neutral colour which you can have to hand at the end of your bed.

Blackout curtains
We opted for blackout curtains when we first moved here. They bring that cosy vibe and block out any light, after all sleep is important.

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