Keeping your mattress clean is one way of helping to make your mattress last longer. In fact who wants to sleep on a dirty mattress? I definitely don't! With that said many people aren't sure how often or the best way to give their mattress a deep clean. This is why I've complied a list on the steps for how to clean your mattress.


Check the care guide

Different types of mattresses require different cleaning methods this is why it's important to check the care guide of your mattress. You should also check to see if your mattress is double or single-sided as this will determine if you can deep clean both sides or just the top.

Gather your supplies
Before starting a deep clean there are a few cleaning supplies needed, I reccomend the following:
- vaccume cleaner ideally with a upholstery attachment.
- mild laundry detergent 
- baking soda
- cloth or sponge
- lukewarm water

Wash bedding
It's important to wash your bedding regularly we change our sheets every 1-2 weeks. It's much nicer to put fresh clean bedding on after giving your mattress a deep clean. 

Air the mattress 
We do this every time we change the sheets. Open your windows for ventilation,  this will help to freshen up your mattress by allowing it to breathe and will start to eliminate any odours.

Vaccume your mattress 
Vacuuming your mattress helps to remove dust, dirt, hair and dead skin. If you have one, you can also use an upholstery attachment but it's not essential. 

Get rid of any stains
You should always try to tackle any stains as soon as they occur, but sometimes this isn't always possible. A mild laundry detergent mixed with lukewarm water is the best option to use. Dab with a cloth rather than rub the stain. It's important to note not to use any harsh chemicals or get your mattress too wet as it can damage your mattress. Once you have removed any stains than let your mattress air dry before moving onto the next step.

Deodorise your mattress
To do this lightly sprinkle baking soda over your mattress. This will help to eliminate any lingering smells, leave for a few hours for best results then vaccume it all up.

Flip and repeat 
Check to see if your mattress is single or double sided. If double sided flip your mattress over and repeat the steps of vaccuming, getting rid of any stains and deodorising. If single sided all you need to do is vacuum the underside to get rid of any dust, dirt or hair.

Clean the bed frame
Cleaning your bed frame whenever you do a mattress clean is a good idea to get rid of any dust or dirt. Make sure you pay extra attention to vaccuming the slats.

Then you are finished and can put on your clean bedding. It's reccomended that you clean your mattress every 6 months and it's a good time to route or flip the mattress too. Every now and again you may want to spot clean your mattress especially if you notice any stains. 

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