Investing in an outdoor tap is one of the wisest decisions that we've made. It's not something that is going to add value to your home but it is something that has many benefits. So what are these benefits of installing an outside tap? Well there are many advantages especially for your gardens usability, particularly during the summer months. 

Garden upkeep
During the warmer months you are most likely to be out in the garden alot more and want to have your garden looking it's best. This is especially so for when you have people over for BBQs and parties. Your plants may dry out and die from prolonged sun exposure during summer. So using a garden tap means you can provide your grass and flowers with a consistent water supply. A tap outside makes it alot easier on you as there will be no need to carry heavy watering cans back and fourth and instead attach a hose to your outside water supply.

Enjoying the sunshine
During the hot weather like the heatwave we've had means that we need to cool down. An outdoor tap is ideal for those times when your kids want to cool down in a paddling pool or have a water fight. It's also great if you have pets such as a dog to help them to cool off as well.

For outside cleaning
Installing a garden tap is ideal for those outside jobs you need to do such as power washing your paths and patios. It's also great for when you need to wash your car so that you no longer need to carry buckets and replace with clean water constantly.

Building Purposes

Giving your builder access to water from your kitchen can be a hassle when you are having construction done on your property. They won't have to trail through your house, leaving a trail of dust and debris that you'll have to clean up every day work is done, to use a constant flow of water for the duration of their working day if you install an external garden tap. We found this out when we had our garden done a few years ago. 


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