Whether you are planning to be away from home for a couple of days, a week or longer there are things to do around the home before you go away that will keep your home safe and your mind at ease. 

Tackle household chores

Before you go away make sure you have caught up with those household chores. After your trip the last thing you will want to do is deal with cleaning. So tidy up the clutter, hoover and mop, change the beds, toss out any perishables etc so you don't have to worry about any of that when you come home.

Conserve energy

Whilst away your not going to need your electronics on. It's a smart idea to turn off all devices before you leave, such as your Printer,  DVD player, games consoles, Wi-Fi router, and television. Anything you plug in continues to drain a small amount of energy, even when it’s turned off. Don’t forget to adjust your thermostat as well; to save on energy costs.

Arrange someone to keep an eye on your home

Ask a family member, friend or even a neighbour to keep an eye on your home while your away. Knowing you have someone you can trust to keep an eye out for anything fishy while your away can put your mind at ease. 

Lock all doors and windows

Just as you are leaving make sure you do a final walk through the home to make sure all windows and doors are locked and close curtains.

Consider security gadgets

There are such a variety of security gadgets around. These are some you really should consider: Security cameras, a camera doorbell, a security alarm, security lights and plug timers. You should also make sure that both smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are working properly. 

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