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With Spring getting more closer it's time to start thinking of the annual Spring clean. Spring cleaning doesn't have to be time consuming and costly. But definitely is something not to put off. From your bathroom to your kitchen, garden to your attic/basement here are some Spring cleaning tips.

Decluttering each room
The ideal time for decluttering is while you spring clean. The best way to start decluttering is to do it room by room. You can do a room a day for example which means it wont feel like such an overwhelming job to do. I like to have four sections for items; keep, throw away, donate and sell. You can use these sections for any room in the home. Once you have decluttered you will feel a sense of achievement and feel positive about other Spring cleaning tasks.

Clean windows and doors 
The door area frequently is inhabited by a lot of dust. Additionally, there is a lot of dust on the window seals and slides. Cleaning the windows In and outside helps to  reduce  allergies. Plus clean windows look so much nicer. Windows can be cleaned using a glass cleaner and old newspaper as an efficient way of removing  grease and oil. However you can also get window vaccumes that do a great job. 

Refresh your bathroom
The bathroom is one of the main areas of your home and may need some TLC if it's not as clean as you would like it. My main tip is to use white vinegar as its cheap to buy and works well. We use it for cleaning the tiles and our shower head but you can use it on surfaces and even in your toilet. It really is a must have product in your home as it has so many uses and saves you buying those expensive branded products.

Clean up the kitchen 
The kitchen is my least favourite room to clean as it's the room that gets the dirtiest so quickly. It is again one of the primary rooms that you use daily.  Again white vinegar has many great  uses such as cleaning the kitchen sides, cleaning the sink and oven along with bicarbonate of soda. 

Paint the walls
Giving your walls a fresh lick of paint is the perfect time when doing a spring clean. From cracked or peeling paintwork or wallpaper, to even simply a tired and outdated colour scheme, giving your walls a fresh coat of paint can work wonders.

Refresh the basics
When talking about the basics I'm meaning issues that may have occurred at the coldest time of the year. These can be things like fixing leaky gutters, leaking pipes and sorting out any mould and mildew. It's essential to get these fixed ASAP as they can be very damaging to a property and may end up costing you more in the long run.

Clean your mattress 
Mattresses should be hoovered and flipped often. During the spring clean is a great time to get this done especially if you haven't got round to doing it for awhile.

Clean the skirting boards
Cleaning the skirting boards is something that is easy to forget about doing. Yep I'm going to mention it again white vinegar is ideal for this job. 

Preparing a vegetable garden/flower beds 
If you are planning to have a vegetable garden spring is the perfect time to get started on it. You need to remove any weed and debris from the garden. Additionally, adding fertilizer makes the soil more fertile and ready to plant the annual spring vegetables. For flower beds it's pretty much the same.

Give your grass some love
Spring is a great time to rake and feed your lawn. This will ensure all debris and dead grass cuttings are removed.

You can read more about getting your garden ready for spring/summer here.


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