The bathroom in our home, doesn't need much doing to it as the previous owners, had renovated it not long before we moved in. The bathroom itself is a good size family bathroom  and colourwise I really like the tiles the previous owners had chosen. Eventually in the future we may consider a remodel and have a few ideas.

The bathroom to me is an important  place in the home as its a place for me to go after a busy and long day/week and relax. One of my favourite parts of our bathroom has to be the LED lights across the beams.  It brings a relaxing ambience to the bathroom, for when I have my bath. Blake also loves this as he is very sensory and enjoys looking at the lights whilst having his bath.

Another part of the bathroom I like is the step into the bath, this makes it alot easier to climb in and out especially for Blake. The main thing I want to replace in the bathroom is the shower screen. This won't be done for awhile yet though. 

Accessories can really change a room. Most of the bits in there are what we had in our previous home such as the storage unit we have next to the sink and the toilet roll holder. But we also added new bits when we moved in and over time such as our bathroom bin, mirror, looking good bath mat, poo room door sign and a funny sign for the wall.

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