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Hi everyone, thank you for stopping by. Welcome to At home with The Bayfords. My name is Joanna and you may know me because of my main blog Joanna Victoria where I share Parenting and Lifestyle posts. 
I'm a thirty something year old wife and mum who loves reading, Netflix, art and spending time with my family. I am  homebody who loves home decor and getting inspiration from Pinterest and Instagram for our home. 

I started blogging on my main family and Lifestyle blog Joanna Victoria back in 2012. The blog started out as a lifestyle blog but once I was pregnant with Blake it evolved to include parenting posts as well

So what is the point of this blog?

Where as Joanna Victoria is a family and Lifestyle blog  At Home With The Bayfords is a blog focusing on home related content where I can share tips on home living, home hacks, interior inspiration plus more home and garden related posts. We live in a 3 bed house we own in Lincolnshire after relocating here from Bedfordshire back in February 2019. 


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Running a home can be hard work when you have children running around and making mess wherever they go however there are things you can do to help run your home more smoothly.  Designate a play area  We have half of our dining room a place for Blake to play. We have it set up with a soft mat to play on and a bean bag incase he wants to sit and read.  Cover the sofa Using a washable throw is a great idea to protect your sofa from sticky finger marks and it can just be chucked into the washing machine. Tidy as you go along This is a habit that we need to start doing more often as it will save us a lot of time in the long run.


We have been home owners now for almost 2 and a half years. In that time I must admit we have learnt quite a bit. To be able to afford our own home we had to relocate from Bedfordshire to Lincolnshire and we have no regrets as we love the area and we are a train ride away from bigger cities such as Lincoln, Leeds and Sheffield.


The bathroom in our home, doesn't need much doing to it as the previous owners, had renovated it not long before we moved in. The bathroom itself is a good size family bathroom  and colourwise I really like the tiles the previous owners had chosen. The bathroom to me is an important  place in the home as its a place for me to go after a busy and long day/week and relax. One of my favourite parts of our bathroom has to be the LED lights across the beams.  It brings a relaxing ambience to the bathroom, for when I have my bath. Blake also loves this as he is very sensory and enjoys looking at the lights whilst having his bath.