Home Maintenance and Repairs Every Homeowner Should Know How to Do

As a homeowner there is no denying that there are maintenance and repairs that you need to know how to do. I must admit there are definitely some home maintenance and repair tasks that I need to learn to do around our home, however my husband is pretty good at the basics and knows when a professional is needed for the job.


Happy New Year! 

This blog unfortunately went on the back burner last year, however I'm hoping to be sharing more on here during 2022. 

At the beginning of a new year I like to sit down and set myself some goals for the year ahead. Over on my main blog you can read about Making S.M.A.R.T Goals for 2022. I thought that I'd feature our home goals over here.

 As home owners we have learnt that there is always something that needs doing. However I thought I'd share some of the things we really want to get done this year. 

1. New Skirting Boards 
Most of the rooms in our home need new skirting boards. However this year our aim is to get the ones in our living/dining room sorted, as they are the ones in the most need.

2. Decorating the Living/Dining room 
Once we've got new skirting boards sorted we can start decorating. We have already got our chosen wallpaper for our feature wall and just need to choose what paint colour we want. These tips for painting your home like a pro will come in useful. 

3. Roof
We need a brand new roof which is a big expense. However we are considering opting for a temp solution of getting new tiles fitted until we can save up enough for the whole roof to be redone. 

4. Painting the bedrooms
We want to paint Blake's room a blue and will most likely get him to choose what shade he would like. As for our room we've not really decided on a colour just yet that we can agree on.